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A Day in the Life of…..Grumble

Grumble on stairs

07.30 – That was close! Got back to the dive centre just in time, before anyone gets here! Mustn’t let them know I’ve been out all night!

07.45 – Charlotte and Pu have just arrived. I’m quite tired but I should meow a lot to make them feel like I’ve missed them. They always fall for it and give me my breakfast. They’re not so bad….for humans.

08.00 – All that mackerel in tomato sauce has woken me up! Time to jump up onto the Reception desk, rip up some paper and chase after a dragonfly. Oh, there’s a butter fly – even better!!

08.10 – Hey, there’s Tiger! He might be a boy and my brother, but when it comes to fighting, I’m the Champion!  Maybe I should let him win sometimes….

08.20 – I really wish that Hero would stop trying to be friends with me. He’s a dog and I’m a cat – it’s just never going to work! I am getting fed up with having to arch my back and hiss at him.

08.30 – A little bit thirsty now. Licking the glass door of the refrigerator is definitely the best place to get a nice cold drink of water – even if the humans think it makes me looks stupid!

08.40 – Oh good! Charlotte and Wilco are cleaning up the beach. Let’s dig holes in the sand. Hang on, waving flags – excellent hiding place so ….I….can….jump out and attack Wilco’s toes – toes are just the right size for chewing on!

09.05 – Now I’m REALLY tired – off to bed. Hmmm, where shall I go? Upstairs? The Equipment Room? One of the lockers? Ayesha’s chair? Decisions, decisions…. Good night!

14.30 – Time to wake up I think – the Equipment Room really is so nice and cool. BIG stretch, quick run-a-round on the beach and then into the In-tray on Reception – it’s a perfect fit and I can watch everything going on…if I can stay awake long enough….Grumble in the in tray

15.05 – These humans do insist on waking me up. Can’t they see I am asleep? I know I am cute, but, people, please, have some respect! Maybe I can get Pu to make me a “Do Not Disturb” sign. Brilliant idea – I’m so clever sometimes!

15.20 – What’s that smell? Oh it’s Renny – hopefully they will give her a bath again today.  Dogs just don’t understand personal grooming like us cats…

17. 10 – Where’s all that noise coming from? Oh yes, the humans have come back from that big wet place – I think they call it the sea – I’m really not sure what it is they do out there, but they all seem very happy.  Maybe I can find someone to play with now….

17.25 – ….Brilliant – it’s paper time – Charlotte and Pu love it when I attack the folder where they keep all the Check-In sheets!

17.40 – Time for another cat nap in the In-tray….

18.00 – What’s going on? Why is Charlotte carrying me? Wait, don’t close up, meow, listen to me, meow, it’s too early for me to go out partying…….Hey, where did they go?  Oh well, might as well get myself ready for another night out on the tiles…!

10 Comments on A Day in the Life of…..Grumble

  1. commented by Rachael on 22 February 2011

    WOOP Charls, fantastic… I wish I was a cat at Master Divers!! Such fun!!!

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  3. commented by Dive Centre Pets - ScubaBoard on 22 February 2011

    […] She managed to find time in between naps to tell us about life behind the whiskers ….Enjoy ! A day in the life of a dive centre puss! What do your four pawed friends get up […]

  4. commented by Helen Golding on 22 February 2011

    Loving your work!! Grimble is so cute and I do believe you have hit the nail on the head with what she is thinking!

  5. commented by jamie macleod on 22 February 2011


    I’ll show victoria as soon as she gets home from school, she’ll love it

    how did diving turn into this…………..?

  6. commented by Melissa on 24 February 2011

    I miss Grumble! Can’t believe she is becoming a famous diveshop cat and has her own article, clever thing!

  7. commented by jamie macleod on 25 February 2011

    Grumble, i miss you a lot , but today i’ve got chicken spots. i love playing with you.

    hug kiss, kiss from Victoria xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. commented by jamie macleod on 26 February 2011

    come on,Grumble, get off your furry little bum and reply to me, Victoria

  9. commented by Ayesha Cantrell on 26 February 2011

    Hello Victoria !

    Grumble has asked me to type this for you as her paws are too big for the keyboard. She says she’s sorry she hasn’t replied but she has been quite busy catching dragon flies! Catching dragon flies is very tiring so she had to sleep quite a lot ! she knows you had the chicken spots and hopes you are getting better… she advises lots of napping and biscuits… but says you should probably stay away from the dragon flies.

    Lots of love from Grumble ! xxxx

    PS – I miss you alot, you played with me more that this lot do here !

  10. commented by jamie macleod on 27 February 2011







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