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Shark Island and Hin Ngam – 21st March ‘ 11

The sun is shinning again on Koh Tao and the water is calm once again.  Yesterday we had reports of Brides Whales at South West Pinnacle and while the visibility close to the pinnacles was still a bit low, open water visibility was amazing.Today we headed out to Shark Island and Hin Ngam ( which means beautiful rock in Thai) to test the waters.

Wilco took new DMT Mark out to look for the Chevron Barracuda who stalk the channel at Shark Island and then on a navigation course through the pinnacles at Hin Ngam.

The water was still a little green with lots of particles and viz was around 5m.  This can be seen in the short video below and you’ll notice a little surge in the first part of the video which was taken at Shark Island.  There were Polka Dot Nudibranches everywhere both the largest and smallest that I have ever seen.  On certain parts of the reef there were eggs everywhere as well.  Its trigger mating time so there were a few large Titans bombing around too which is not so good in murky water!

Hin Nagm had about 8m viz and we saw a huge Jenkins Ray as well as the usual puffers and great variety of shrimp too.

Check out the video below.

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