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Sail Rock and South West – 23rd March 2011

Ah – full day trip – Sail Rock for two dives and then South West Pinnacle on the way home. Breakfast, lunch and chocolate brownies – what more could a diver ask for ……maybe a WHALESHARK…..maybe…..

Kristine, Guro and Lisa who completed their Open Water Course yesterday took advantage of this great day out and started their Advanced Open Water Course. Wilco taught the last dives of the Tec 50 course too.

How many fish were at Sail Rock – 23, 103 at the last count but they wouldn’t swim in a uniformed order making it difficult to count, pesky fish !

The weather looked a bit temperamental and indeed dumped rain on us but no wind so the seas remained calm. As we approached South West at 3pm, I happened to be the first in the water, eager to get into bath water warm seas after the chilly rain.  I looked down while trying to attach my camera and if I hadn’t seen it before then I wouldn’t have known what I was looking at.  Fish surrounding a letter box like mouth looming up from the depths …..now what could that be ….hmmmm?

Whale Shark
Whale Shark

I kick myself now as I was shaking with excitement and couldn’t get my camera attached to me quick enough to take take a photo as it came up to eye ball me. So many things happened seemingly at once. No one else was in the water apart from my buddy so I shouted him. The last thing I wanted to shout was WHALESHARK and have excited divers jump off the boat unprepared.

Its the usual story for me, I would have had the money shot BUT I lost control of my fingers and the camera clips. I popped my head out of the water and shouted BIG SPOTTY FISH – those that knew, knew. It only took a few more splashes into the water and it dived but I knew it would be back.

South West Pinnacle was glorious underwater but where was that big spotty fish? Those that didnt dive saw him but then just as we were all coming up it came back for a cruise around and we all eeked out the last of our air. It was a juvenile – around 4 mtrs and we were all privileged. They are magestic giants of the underwater world that should be revered. What a pleasure and what an end to a fabulous day.

We all returned a little weather beaten but happy !

Theres lots of photos from the day below – have a look.

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2 Comments on Sail Rock and South West – 23rd March 2011

  1. commented by jamie macleod on 26 March 2011

    looks like a lot of fun, wish i was there

    1. commented by Ayesha Cantrell on 26 March 2011

      We wish you were too !

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