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Koh Tao in the sun!

The sun is out and the water is calm and its HOT! Diving resumed a few days ago but the viz is still a bit murky but getting better !

Check out the photos below and the video below that – which I took on a long tail trip yesterday !

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2 Comments on Koh Tao in the sun!

  1. commented by jamie macleod on 5 April 2011

    hello Scrumble, what are you doing? Are you sleeping in your pouch? Now have you woken up and did you Maaiiiiaaaawwwww, Scrumble?

    Why, Scrumble?

    Wilco, are you sleeping in your bed? When you woke up did you have your teddy. what is your phone no? I’ll call you one day.

    Tiger, are you having a nice time fighting with Scrumble? are you fighting or playing?

    Ayessha, are you asleep too? Are you having a nice time?

    Bye bye Victoria

    1. commented by Ayesha Cantrell on 5 April 2011

      Scrumble is asleep but ill send you a video of him on the beach yesterday, you dad can show you them when you get back from school !

      See you in June !

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