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Shark Island and Junkyard – 23rd

Today we had a whole range of activities going on, Milla was completing her Rescue Course which is always fun to have on the boat.  DMT Mark was happy to fling himself off the boat and pretend to panic while Milla did her very best to save him.  Mark seemed accident prone all day, he managed to get stung by jellyfish and loose his buddy, but Milla took it all in her stride !

Manav completed his Open Water Course and our fun divers enjoyed the lovely visibility at Shark Island. One lucky group saw the turtle that has been seen quite alot recently and the rest of us enjoyed the hundreds of barracuda as well as the usual reef suspects.

Junkyard offered its usual plethora of macro critters, many sea hares, juveniles and some great sightings of the cool filefish.

Check out the slide show below ….

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