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Sai Daeng

Sai Daeng is my favorite beach on Koh Tao to escape to when I have a day off.  This beach lies on the south of the island in between Aow Leuk and Shark Bay.  The road is a bit of a roller coaster ride so I would strongly advise jumping on a taxi rather than renting a motorbike. If you dont believe me then watch this clip of the road leading down to the beach, this stretch is concrete but the bit leading to the crest of the island is far from ideal.


The beach itself is an idyllic crescent shaped beach.  There are two resorts on the beach, New Heaven Huts and Coral View. When we go we usually chill at the restaurant at New Heaven and enjoy snacking from their tasty tasty menu.  This spot makes a great lunch spot too if you have rented a longtail to visit Aow Leuk and Shark Bay.   The slide show below will give you a flavor of the beach and New Heaven too.

I really enjoy the snorkeling here, its calm, shallow and clear with lots to see and I have always spotted sharks here too.  Not as many maybe as you would expect in neighboring Shark Bay, but there are less snorkelers here and no restrictions on beach access which you will experience at Shark Bay. Below is a shot movie showing you some of the underwater life and following that is a slideshow too.


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