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Our adventures

Longtail sails back into the water.

If you’ve been at Master Divers when the longtail needed its annual repair then you will not have forgotten that the process of getting it in and out of the water is certainly manual!  The most common comment from long exhausted pants on the day was definitely “Blimey, that boat is bigger than we thought hey.”

Well it’s only taken a few weeks and the Longtail is now ready to get back in the water.  Boat repaired and resealed, and with a seriously fine looking paint job.

The team gathered around the boat and got ready for the shove,  careful preparations had been made so that we had a smooth path, and luckily this time we were pushing downhill.  Should have been easy.  Well 30 minutes and a lot of sweat later, the Master Divers Longtail shooped across the last patch of sand before gliding into the shallows off the beach.  The boat was back in the water.

Vinnai to prepare the Buddhist offering for the Re-Launch of the Longtail.  1 whole bottle of Sangsom Whiskey, 1 whole cooked chicken, and enough incense and candles for valentines day and his tray was ready.

With a steady hand on a rocky boat he arranged the items carefully, and then readjusted the flag on the very bow of the boat (needs to be perfect).  Then hopping off to light the fireworks we gave her a true welcome back.

Following our ceremony Phill and Vinnai went for a quick spin around the block to make sure all was good, and came back so that was the answer to that test.

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