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Sinking of the HTMS Sattakut

Excitement had been building since our first sighting of the ship that was to be our new wreck dive. The day finally dawned but the weather was a bit dreary, however we were ready and raring to go and everything was in place at Master Divers until our Captain got pulled away on an emergency. It looked like we wouldn’t be able to watch the sinking after all but the good fellows on the MV Giomani allowed us to hop on board and watch the ceremony with them.

With weather holding out it looked like the Koh Tao dive boat fleets were all present as a large circle almost bow to stern had formed around the ship. Floating as if truly on ceremony in front of the surrounding working boats. Cleared and prepared she looked very much ready to venture to her new home.

As the ceremony continued and as the Navy team finishing the preparations sat down to lunch, the weather started to close in. The Navy boat 542 hosted the Thai Navy final call and the tug boat announced that it would not be long before the ship would sink.

But as the rains came, the time ran out for many of the other vessels surrounding the site, and soon it was quite literally the Giomani and the Sattakut sitting side by side, waiting for the inevitable. As the Sattakut started to list hard on the starboard side the buzz intensified.

Everyone on board was firing cameras and rolling film, and as the water started to splash into the port holes puffs were made from a rear hatch on the Sattakut. Not as dramatic as the Trident sinking last year, but the HTMS Sattakut made a steady, silent, submergence into the dark waters. Leaving a trail of bright blue bubbles against stormy seas as she sunk to her rest.  Below are the photos of her final moments afloat.

This wasnt the end of the story however as bad weather hampered her sinking putting her in the wrong place and on her side.  She was then moved.  She now lies upright and close to Hin Pee Wee.  We have since filmed a a tour of both the inside and outside of the wreck.

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2 Comments on Sinking of the HTMS Sattakut

  1. commented by Maggie on 19 June 2011

    It’s always sad seeing anything that was the culmination of careful planning and design, man-power, devotion, love and energy being given its last rites.

    But now she’s gracefully slipped to her final resting place, her destiny beyond the scope of her original design, she continues to serve as her metamorphosis from war craft to pleasure craft is now complete.

    May the many creatures of the deep, including our beloved divers, enjoy their new playground and record her progress as she slips from battleship to bejeweled beauty and lastly slips back into her organic origins: her cycle complete; her purpose met.

    1. commented by Ayesha Cantrell on 27 July 2011

      Shes already attracting life and many divers …..a new life for her indeed.

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