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Red Rock and Japanese Gardens – 21st June 2011

Red Rock to Japanese Gardens is a great coastline dive with some interesting features too.

With a slight breeze in the air, and the prospect of rain, we headed to Red Rock to drop off the fun divers, and were scheduled to moor the boat at Japanese Gardens.  We had to be shallow for skills training for DMTs . We were also finishing off Grant and Hannah’s Open Water course.

Red Rock was lovely, upon descent there was an eerie richness to the blue, and the pinnacle stood as a dominating silhouette.  Red Rock provides 3 dives in one, as we circled the pinnacle before moving along to traverse the sea bed to the coastal wall of Koh Nang Yuan.  There were lots of really big Longfaced Emporer fish around and  the triggers were very busy eating everything.  Once we reached the wall, the visibility improved and the cave entrance opened up before us.  We had reached about 9 stingrays by this point, as we were on a bit of a stingray hunt and were not disappointed as there was a tenth lying in wait at the cave entrance as well. Once through the cave network we cruised into Japanese Gardens to the boat, with exclamations of “I have never seen such big corals”, from the divers once we surfaced. Always a very fulfilling dive.  Secondly Japanese Gardens for the second dive, provided lovely visibility of around 15-20m and very warm water, with no current.  Maximum depth of around 16m we got a chance to see both Seal Faced Pufferfish, another big school of Longfaced Emperors, and many Masked Pufferfish swimming around the aptly named Gardens at Japanese.  A relaxed diving day at 2 dive sites that always provide god conditions, and an abundance of big and beautiful corals, along with lots of fish species that are not always the easiest to find…

Check out the photos below…



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