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Chumphon Pinnacle and Green Rock on the 30th June ’11

What a day!  With a damp start to the morning there were a few concerned looks appearing at the dive centre for our morning schedule to Chumphon Pinnacle and Green Rock.  Perhaps more-so from the lack of sleep due to the previous nights storm, we made sure the Tea and Coffees were handed round promptly.
  The boat was electric with expectation, as for many this was to be their first trip to Chumphon.  Jumping in and descending the line the scope filling vista that is the top of Chumphon grew in our visions.  The water was warm, the current slight and favourable, and the visibility was crystal.  25m lateral viz almost allowed us to see end to end across the dive site.  Looking below at about 23m was a fantasticly enigmatic thermocline, emphasized by the clear conditions above it appeared everyone was flying high above the clouds, and with the fish life at Chumphon it felt like everyone was still above the clouds when we came back on to the boat.

Green rock was similar in quality, with excellent viz the architecture of the dive came alive.  The current was again slight and with the Triggers out of season everyone was feeling comfortable to explore all the swim throughs and gaps at Green Rock, the main pinnacle was encased in a bubble curtain and looked fantastic.  It was a really special day, and I think everyone came back to shore with the same comments, “Chumphon, was amazing, Green rock the same, that was an amazing morning.”


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