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Twins and Japanese Gardens on the 12th July’11

As always the weather is much better beneath the surface. No more so than today.  We set off with an excitable boat, Twins then White Rock was the schedule, and Bridie, Emma, Darren and Luke were all about to complete dive 3 and 4 of their Open Water course, the final 2 dives.  Jumping in at Twins we could see the weather was turning out to sea and hoped it would miss us or hold off.  The diving was lovely, visibility was around 15 meters, and the water was warm.  It felt like the fish were glad to be under the waves as well as big schools of the reef fish huddled together under ledges and in the pinnacles, including a small squad of Batfish.  Emma did a great job of ensuring Darren did not stray off his navigation path from the skills and I think all were surprised to meet the very large lizard that lives in Buoyancy World…
Upon surfacing we were met with an increase in the swell, wind and even a small spattering of rain.  Looking out to White Rock we decided we needed a little more shelter, and with Captain P Dongs consent we set off to Japanese Gardens and adjusted our plans.  Japanese Gardens was a perfect choice as when we got there it was flat calm and the viz was floor to ceiling clear.  For the fun divers, the tasks of finding the Seal Faced Pufferfish, Yellow Boxfish, Scorpion Fish and more were reviewed, and team Open Water jumped in knowing this was to be the last dive of their first certification.  The smiles and excitement could have told you that.  Everyone had a great dive, Emma, Bridie, Darren and Luke were rewarded with their certifications, the DMT team had their first dive together and saw a sea snake, and the fun divers came back with stories of never-before-seen-fish and more.  Very typical of Japanese Gardens, especially with the abundance of rich coral life there.
With a short drive home we made it back to the dive centre with the sun back out and warming the deck, everyone could relax and think about the day…We are very pleased to congratulate our new Open Water divers, and would like to thank everyone for another great days diving.
Check  out the slideshow below – with a special birthday message for Rachel!

This dive report was written and photographed by Phill !
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