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Discover Technical Diving

We try to get the tec kit out as often as we can and offer all our DMTs a free Discover Technical Dive.  Subscribers to the blog might remember Rachels hilarious post about her experience.

‘Doing a bit of tec’  is great for their or any divers learning and development, even if they don’t want to progress with any technical training.  They learn about the kit, what its all for and how to use it.  They can take it for a spin and see how it is to dive with it and how some of the skills and techniques are different from the standard recreational kit.

The video below shows a little of what they did.

Yuri and Lance – two of our Dive Master in training, have already decided to continue their training and will maybe progress all the way though to Tec Deep.  Kirsi is starting her Tec 40 course very soon.  See some more pictures of them on their training below.

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