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Hin Wong and Red Rock 22nd July’11 AM

This morning arrived with huge gusts of wind signalling that our planned trip to South West was certainly not going ahead. The best choice with this wind was certainly Hin Wong where we had a lovely dive hiding from the wind last week.  Phill was out to photograph this morning and I was due out on the afternoon boat – which is great as I had the chance to photograph Hin Wong last week.

Jake was completing his Advanced Course this morning while Emmy still has her night dive left.  Thais made her Adventure Deep and  Oddny, Dennis and Danique completed their Open Water Course with Wilco.

Arriving at the site it appeared that a few other centers had made the decision to dive Hin Wong.  Typically our sensible timing meant that all the boats were picking up their divers and heading off, so we had the site almost to ourselves.  It was a great dive, always better below the surface.  There was a small current which everyone enjoyed flying in on their return back to the line at the end of dive.  We got some great shots of the Blue Coral Field, The Razor Fish (swimming on their heads) and everyone was searching for the turtles we had seen last week.  Hin Wong is a truly great, bad (or any) weather site.

Then on to Red Rock as we say 3 dives in one.  A beautiful descent down and around the Pinnacle leads you onto a rocky, sandy, coral traverse across the floor.  Everyone made it very difficult to photograph them as they constantly had their heads buried in various cracks and under rocks looking for the small stuff.  Lots of shots of people upside down, brilliant.  Then it’s on to the wall where we swam North and Wilco lead us to the Pinktailed Triggerfish, one of the only places, if not the only place on Koh Tao where these can be seen.  The corals along the Red Rock swim are amazing, large, rich in life and always make for a great days exploring.  Wind?  What Wind?  Come on in the diving’s great. Check out the slideshow below.

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