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Red Rock Drop and Nangyuan East on 23rd July 2011

The atmosphere was quite electric on the boat this afternoon.

Ayesha was on board with Hannah and Thomas heading to the confined area of Japanese Gardens Bay, to take their first plunges.  Wilco was taking the DMT crew out for their Skills practices and Adam and Chris were completing their Open Water certifications.  Both guys were feeling really confident as they approached the last 2 dives of the course and couldn’t wait to get in and get wet.

Being dropped off at Red Rock we headed straight to the coast, the current in the channel was quite strong at the surface but typically it calmed down once we reached about 10 meters.  Diving from Red Rock to Japanese Gardens provides a beautiful wall dive.  Lots of huge colorful and rich corals all along the wall and you spend the whole diving weaving in and out, poking your head into cracks and gazing through gaps at the quantity of reef fish surrounding you.

Adam and Chris had the opportunity to bump into a large Yellow Boxfish Male who was very content with our presence, and we spied a Juvenile Harleguin Sweetlips, who although notoriously shy did stay put for the camera.  Must have got it from the boys, as every shot I took of them I was given big grins and lots of “OK” signs.

The visibility was great along the wall and in the bay, and as we had the confined sessions with both Wilco and Ayesha we stayed put in Japanese Gardens.  The final dive for Adam and Chris we selected to dive Nangyuan East, a section of the Japanese Gardens coral field.   Dive 4 of the Open Water course is a great dive with some fun skills to accomplish, including Hovering and Underwater Navigation.   Adam and Chris nailed the skills in good time and with enough air in the cylinders we went exploring.  We were treated to 6-Banded Angelfish, countless Butterflyfish and a curious Titan Triggerfish, and upon surfacing you could see the boys had really enjoyed themselves.  Congratulations guys, and as you put it now you can go out and find that Whale Shark. Check out the slideshow for more photos.

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