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Our adventures

Japanese Gardens, Twins and White Rock on the 9th August’11

Another day packed full of diving, the morning boat toured Twins and White Rock while this afternoon we visited Japanese Gardens and Twins.  Phill was out to photograph the afternoon boat but seemed to be our junior divers entertainment too.Jo and Nick were out to join their boys Sam and Josh for a dive too.  Jo and Nick made a Discover Scuba Dive as their boys completed their Scuba Diver Course.

Jo and Nick joined John and Alanah for their first dives and practiced their skills in the shallows of Japanese Gardens.

Jo and Nicks youngest was unfortunately just a few weeks too young to make a Bubble Maker so enjoyed the reef with a snorkel guide.

The slideshow below shows what the divers saw – check out the lovely coral, damsel fish, juvenile harlequin sweetlips and the yellow tailed barracuda – amongst others.

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