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HTMS Sattakut and Mango Bay on the 10th August’11

This morning a few divers nipped out to see the new wreck, the HTMS Sattakut, which has now been moved from where it was originally sunk.  It now sits upright and close to Hin Pee Wee.  Phill wasn’t out to photograph on this morning trip but by all accounts it was lovely.

This afternoon the boat visited Mango Bay and Phill was onboard to record the afternoons diving.  Daniel and Eli made their Discover Scuba Dive. Graeme and Caroline were taking their Advanced Course and we had a bunch of fun divers too.

Phill clearly had his spotter specs on today and found a sea moth in the sand …..

The conditions were lovely – great viz.Warm, clear, blue water…Phill spotted a colourful wart slug too – what a great afternoon out !



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