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Red Rock and Japanese Gardens on the 17th August’11

Today was one of those days when I really appreciated that we try our best to run a different dive schedule to the rest of the island.  Shallow dives in the morning and deep in the afternoon.  The boat doesn’t care about a reverse profile !  So our visit to Red Rock and Japanese Gardens this morning was idyllic – virtually the only boat there and it was lovely….so clear !

I was out to photograph a lovely French family today, Jean-Francois, Faibien, Marine and Julie.  We dropped in at Red Rock and enjoyed the gentle swim to Japanese Gardens, I love the varied coral formations in this area and its stunning to see them in such great visibility.

The swim was nothing short of a pleasure ….

Did I already say I love the coral here ….

We saw a very cool slug too….

And to top it off I spent some quality time with a sea snake….

He did scare me a bit when he suddenly darted to the surface for air….

I also managed to take a short clip of of him or her searching for food.



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