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Japanese Gardens and Twins on the 21st Aug’11

I thought I would take my strobes out for another spin today, just to check, but it seems that I have a problem….luckily I had my trustworthy Lumix on hand when Wilco spotted the turtle at Japanese Gardens.  He was out leading three divers on a Discover Scuba Dive. I did manage to capture this anemone in some interesting natural light though……

The piece of whip coral did cause the turtle some issues getting at the lovely bit of coral he wanted to munch on.

Eagle eyes Wilco spotted a scorpion fish too.

Twins as usual was lovely and the usual reef suspects were spotted….Blue Ringed Angel Fish…

Anemones having a bite to eat ….

Phill is out for the next few days while I contemplate the cost of repair or a new strobe.


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