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Japanese Gardens and Twins on the 7th Sept’11

It is always a pleasure to have our customers, and to teach and train them!  And it was a pleasure to have Matt, Paul and Duncan on board as we set off for Japanese Gardens and Twins.  Matt was completing his Advanced Open Water Course whilst Paul and Duncan were about to finish their Open Water certification with Wilco.

We were certainly favouring these sites of late, as they are the best when the weather gets a little changeable.   These choices did not disappoint either, and with “Good Water” from P’Dong we set off to begin Dive 3 of the guys Open Water Course.

The bay and coastline are always excellent choices for macro spotting and photography, and with the clear and easy conditions of today there was to plenty to look at off the wall as well.   Wilco found a good sized Bearded Scorpion fish, check out the video, and a rather “plump” looking Polka dot Nudibranch, close to some of their trademark egg spiral which was cool to watch.

Personally I love that stretch of coast because it is often quiet, and clear, great light and corals, and a bunch of cool stuff and I think the guys found it pretty pleasant too.

One of the homes of cool stuff, Twins, was our next stop and I jumped aboard Antontio and Amandine’s course to catch them finishing their Scuba Diver qualification.   We felt it was the best choice as they were tight on time on the Island, but were really keen to come and dive.   Twins was pretty much crystal clear and was looking great, and as always there were loads of cool things to enjoy.  We found a Devil Scorpion Fish, White Eyed Moray Eels, Blue Spotted Stingrays, Triggerfish it is always a good dive there.  The guys did great, everyone did great and we had 2 great dives.  Back to the shop to watch our new video, and the slideshow of course.



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