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Red Rock, Japanese Gardens and Junkyard on the 15th Sept’11

Todays dive report was written and photographed by Phill.

Celebrating the completion of 2 Open Water divers on the same trip, the boat is buzzing.  You know it’s going to be a good day.

Jumping in on the first dive with Sonny we headed to the Red Rock coast for the dive back to Japanese Gardens.  The swim always sees a few surprises, and in particular I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the resident Hawksbill and possibly the baby Sea Snakes that we knew were around.  Sonny was a bit of a natural at diving and looked really comfortable as he cruised along the wall.

Very early on we had the chance of bumping into the Turtle along with the Fun Diving team and everyone enjoyed watching it as it soared up to the surface to catch a breath of air.  The rest of the dive was very cruisy, good visibility and a soft current taking us back into the bay.  Just before we began the ascent we came across one of the Bearded Scorpion fish notorious on this stretch and as always he was very patient posing for a few close ups.

Then it was on to Junkyard, one of the Artificial reefs established here on Koh Tao, and as always we were all excited to see what had moved in over the last few days at this continually growing dive site.  On descent we came straight into contact with a new inhabitant, a Bearded Filefish swimming around the line and then at the bottom was a Stone Fish. Stone fish are quite rare here and we had never seen one at Junkyard before either.

It’s was Susan’s chance to shine though and she expertly demonstrated her hovering skills before showing off with some neat navigation.  The viz was down but spirits were high as typically for the site each artefact was housing something interesting and cool.  The Fan-Tailed Filefish were out to play and so were the families of Saddleback Anemone fish along with the large collection of teenage Batfish and several Yellow Boxifsh who have taken up residence in the Northern areas of the dive site.

All of our divers had a great day by all accounts and as we were taken by the longtail back to the dive centre big Whoops were given to Susan and Sonny for joining the Open Water diver community.  Congratulations again you guys!


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