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Laem Thian Caves and Bay on the 20th Sept’11

Today was my day off and Phill was out to photograph.  The boat was intended to go to Chumphon but big waves sent us to shelter on the other side of the island at Laem Thian Bay.  We often walk to Laem Thian as its a great hike over the island.  It’s quiet and our dog loves a good romp around in the jungle.  As luck would have it we arrived at the same time as the boat and were able to wave to the team from the shore.  The resort itself has been abandoned and we were horrified to find the beach full of trash and decided to organise a clean-up as soon as possible -you can read more about our efforts here……

But back to the diving…Phill was out to photograph Eda and Ashley who had joined us for a few days diving….they started with a quick refresher the day before and were out to enjoy todays diving too with their own underwater papparazzi.

Paul and Laurent were out to explore the deeper ranges on tech and our team of DMTs were out for a dive too.  For more photos from the day – have a look at the slide show.


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