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Diving the HTMS Sattakut, Koh Tao, Thailand.

The HTMS Sattakut is a relatively new arrival to Koh Tao diving.  She first appeared in June 2011 and was sunk a few days later.  Bad weather hampered her sinking causing her to go down in the wrong place and on her side too.  This may not seem too much of a problem but the visibility was appalling and given that one of the aims was to provide a great training wreck – it was far from ideal.
Some time and effort was spent moving her and righting her and eventually she gave up the battle and now sits firmly upright.   Once you see her upright then you realise the effort was certainly worth it.  Even when a thermocline cloaks her hull, the swim from bow gun to stern gun is usually clear along the deck and easy enough to follow.  For divers making their first ever wreck dive, probably on their Advanced Course, then its a great introduction.  The penetration has been planned so that its clear with many rooms barred to avoid disorientation – again its perfect for teaching penetration on the Wreck Course too.
On my last visit I made a short video of both the inside about outside (which renders Phills quick sketch from when she was on her side now obsolete – sorry Phill!)
….Enjoy ….

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