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Red Rock, Japanese Gardens and White Rock on the 26th Sept’11

This dive report was written and photographed by Phill !

It can get a bit tedious, we imagine, always hearing us crying out “what a great day we had”, particularly when we know many of our friends and family are seeing the shift from summer into autumn.  Monsoon is about a month away from us here and we have had some rainy weather too recently,  but doesn’t affect the diving though and what a great day we had !

I was back on the boat shooting after a lovely day off, and was preparing to take Cody out for his Digital Underwater Photography specialty the next day.  Today though it was time to welcome Bernd and Uliky to the world of diving as they went on their Discover Scuba Dive at Japanese Gardens.  Then for the second dive of the day to congratulate Christian at White Rock as he completed his Open Water course.

Japanese Gardens is one of my most favourite places to shoot, as it is generally always well lit, a shallow dive site with huge coral fields and loads of cool fish pushing to get in on the action. 

Uliky did amazing as she was definitely very nervous at first, but soon found everything to be far more enjoyable as she relaxed into the exploration of the reef after completing the skills.  She said that she felt like she could climb a mountain after conquering her fear of being underwater.  She enjoyed it so much that she jumped back in for another dive at White Rock.

White Rock is one of my personal favourite dive sites around Koh Tao, it can look busy from the surface but if you know the site well enough you can always avoid those crowds, and I made sure to lead the way into the quieter areas.

We found all sorts today along with Moray Eels, Stingrays, Scorpionfish and even an interesting looking “Red Blob” type of sea slug.

I think someone was more excited than I was though as Christian completed his course and ascended smiling ear to ear.  His girlfriend is a trained Divemaster, and they can now look forward to travelling the worlds other coasts and dive together.



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