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Top 10 posts, inspired by diving on Koh Tao, with Master Divers !

Our very first post went out on the blog on the 1st of Feb and to be honest it wasn’t so exciting !  Hopefully we have redeemed ourselves since then !

1) Master Divers Does Queen


The run away most popular post is without a doubt our version of Queens Bohemian Rhapsody.  We re-wrote the words and re-filmed the video too.  We had great fun with is and nearly 50 thousand people have watched the video !  See it for yourself here.

2) Master Divers does Robbie Williams

After taking on Queen – next we decided to take on Robbie Williams and re-wrote and re-filmed his smash. “Let Me Entertain You”.  Watch it here …

3) Shark Life

Could also be called Master Divers does Blur!  We created this film to highlight the plight that sharks are facing – its a very different treatment to this horrific subject.  Watch it here.



4) The Plastic Problem

We try to limit the amount of single use plastic that is wasted and educate all our divers in ways that they can help reduce their contribution to the growing global problem too.  This page discusses the problem and we made a movie too which helps drive awareness – you can see it here.

5) Daily Diving Reports

Each time one of us goes out with a camera we write a short report and post some images too.  This is the only way to check out conditions here on Koh Tao…See this post here…..

5) HTMS Sattakut

The new wreck on Koh Tao was a very exciting event and the post related to the day that she sank was therefore quite popular.  You can see details of this day plus all the associated stories and a video tour linked from this page too.

6)The History of Ship Wreck Diving on Koh Tao

Inspired by the new wreck we thought we would have a look at other wreck diving opportunities around Koh Tao and indeed its history and to some extent its future too.  Read about it here.

7) The MV Trident After 18 Months Underwater.

What does a ship look like after just 18 months underwater – find out here!

8 ) Everything You Even Needed To Know about becoming a Dive Master.

The title says it all really – just click here….

9) A Girlies Guide to Tec Diving

If you think tec diving might not be for you then read Rachaels hilarious post about her first experience of diving with technical equipment.  See it here.

10) The Fin Olympics

After the rain storm and the media scaring all visitors to this area away; we found ourselves in the unusual position of having no one to take diving.  So rather than sit on our bums and drink beer we decided to have some fun in the glorious weather.  Check out the hilarious races and competitions ….

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