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Our adventures

Junkyard, Mango Bay and White Rock on the 3rd Oct’11

This morning Phill hopped off to Junkyard Reef for a single dive with Karen before joining the afternoon boat trip to Mango Bay and White Rock.  Karen loved the great photo opportunities there and they were both surprised by group of juvenile cat fish swarming around the sand.  Phill took a short video with Karens camera which is shown below.

This afternoon the boat made its way to Mango Bay for the first dive and as usual many many photos were taken of the large school of scad which live there.  Usually we try to pick out just one or two photographs but I made them into a slideshow for you to see.

Our dive master candidates were out to make their map and saw a blue spotted stingray.

And the divers were treated, once again, to a turtle too.

Saurabh was out enjoying the wildlife too on his first ever dives, completing the Discover Scuba Dive.

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