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Twins and Junkyard on the 12th October’11

Phill was out with the camera again today.  Laura, Kate and Katy and Mark were out for their first dives of their Open Water Course.

Katy and Mark has a special message to deliver in a very interesting way too….

Divers included Leandre and Philipp too who had decided to continue their training and complete their Advanced Open Water Course.

Twins and Junkyard were todays destinations and Phill managed to capture a great shot of a juvenile Angel Fish.  These are typically quite shy and difficult to photograph at all.

Junkyard was next and kept up its reputation for the weird and wonderful – check out this fella !

He’s a bearded filefish and bears a striking resemblance  to the genie from Aladdin – don’t you think ?

For more pictures of him and everything else that we saw – you can check out the slideshow below.



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