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Closing Down for Monsoon.

November is typically when monsoon hits and the diving conditions can be far from ideal. Master Divers closes for the month, it gives the team time to re-charge their batteries and take a break while also giving us the opportunity to make repairs, service and maintain too.The boat and longtail go to dry dock and get re-painted and undergo both repairs and upgrades too.  All the regs, BCDs and wetuits are thoroughly cleaned too so its not quite as simple as shutting the doors.All the tanks go for a visual inspection- Phill and Wilco have been stripping valves for  few days now already. Everything gets packed away so that it stays safe and dry during this typically damp time.Everything is moved off and away from the walls so that they can be re-painted too.

The kayaks were moved from the beach and Adam drew the short straw of digging out the sign.

Ofcourse the wages had to be paid too….Grumble was busy supervising all of this activity….she was in every box and drawer and cupboard.  Obviously she went missing at the moment she was required to move house.  She will spend November with  Elaines brother  as she did last year – she loves him and we think the feelings mutual.Then all that was left to do was to eat pizza, have  few cold beers and wish each other a happy holiday.  Stay tuned though as we have some great blogs lined up to keep you entertained and we will still be at the end of the email to answer your questions about your next trip.  We re-open on the 1st Dec…..

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2 Comments on Closing Down for Monsoon.

  1. commented by Justin Roberts on 1 November 2011

    Nice one! Have a good break guys. Wish I was there chillin with ya!

  2. commented by Scales on 17 November 2011

    Nice job sporting the worlddivr.com T-shirt! Enjoy your “break” folks…

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