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Best dives of 2011 on Koh Tao, Thailand (Part 1)

Bit of a grand title and yes, I know the years not over yet !  However if you have been to Koh Tao then you will know that time works a little strangely here.  November here is monsoon and marks the end of the season – for me at least.

Master Divers closes for a month as the weather often makes for far from ideal conditions.  We use the time to maintain and service the centre and kit as well as  recharging our own batteries and enjoying a break from Koh Tao and the rain. So what better time for a round up of the best moments from our Daily Diving Reports ,which should help to keep you from withdrawal symptoms too !

During March we were excited when a new creature popped its head up at Junkyard Reef.  Junkyard is a great places to spot the new and exciting as it seems it’s their first port of call to check out Koh Tao.  These weird and wonderful creatures turned out to be seahares and if you missed them you can see the video on the post from our visit in the 16th. Amongst the other critters, we also spotted what we think is a pluerobranch too.

Towards the end of March is a day that is firmly planted in everyone’s mind.  We popped over to Sail Rock for two dives and then one at South West Pinnacle on the return. As I jumped in and looked down I saw spots before my eyes – yes – a whaleshark.  It was thrilling and you can read the full post from the 23rd here.


You might remember that the all diving news was then overtaken by the freak storm that hit Koh Tao and the general area towards the end of March.  This left us in the very usual position during April of not having any divers to take out.  Not to be bored we organised a Fin Olympics  – and also took ourselves out diving too, armed with cameras!  Wilco was particularly excited by this and had his macro lens out and eyes peeled. He came back with some great shots of seahorses, flabellina, bristle worm, file fish, puffer fish, porcupine fish, anemone fish eggs and seahares.



The highlight of May for me was the night dive we made at Twins.  Most dive centres opt to night dive at White Rock due to the hunting barracuda but this can often mean the site is a little congested.  Twins is great for ‘stuff’ and this dive didn’t disappoint.  I was out with my camera and a hand held torch to take some video and I captured some wicked action.  Black and white flounder, blue spotted rays, crabs and much more including an amazing sunset.

At this point we started to incorporate Flickr Slide Shows into our reports and there’s are literally hundreds of images there from diving here on Koh Tao.
There was far too many high points to spoil you in one post so watch out for part 2 and part 3 and part 4.

What was your best moment underwater this year – tell us your highlights in the comments section below.
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