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Best dives of 2011 on Koh Tao, Thailand (Part 2)

July was a busy month for Daily Dive Reports and Phill and I were out quite often, so Part 2 is essentially a round up of July on its own …July saw the start of turtles,  predominantly seen at White Rock on almost every dive and everyone loves a turtle ….


July also saw the bat fish return to Chumphon hovering above the pinnacle teasing and turning their back to the camera at every click of the shutter….but its great to see these curious and sociable fish….

5th July_065

But July was turtletastic…..

And Junkyard was busy excelling itself as usual.  This artificial reef seems to be loved and inhabited by all of our favorites and we never failed to see batfish and puffer fish and file fish too…


On the 14th of July  Wilco and I had friends visit and we popped off for the day to Hin Wong – I hadnt been for ages so it was a treat and once again a turtle graced us with his presence…

I also managed to get this great shot of a titan trigger fish too….and he seemed quite happy to pose …


Shrimp fish are one of the many attractions at Him Wong and Phill managed to snap this shop of these nervous often fleeing fish.  Their topsy-turvey swimming and behavior is what makes these fish such and attraction and favorite too.

From the tiny to the grand on one dive…never get so engrossed in the reef that you forget to look up and about every now and again or else you could miss this …..swimming passed….


There was far too many high points to spoil you in one post so watch out for part 3 and part 4 and if you missed part one, click here.

What was your best moment underwater this year – tell us your highlights in the comments section below.

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2 Comments on Best dives of 2011 on Koh Tao, Thailand (Part 2)

  1. commented by Justin Roberts on 16 November 2011

    Great shots guys!!! Love the one of the Trigger…

    1. commented by Ayesha Cantrell on 17 November 2011

      I think its probably the best shot I have of a titan …..and although he looks quite agro – he really wasn’t…

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