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Shark Island and Pottery on the 3rd Dec’11

Its nice to get back open and back out into the water too, although I didnt quite make it – Phill was out to photograph today. After some debate as to where to go for the best conditions, we finally settled on Shark Island and Pottery Pinnacles.  Theres been quite some whaleshark sightings recently and they do like Shark Island but we weren’t in luck today.It was a bit green but visibility was around 7-10m and it was nice to be wet again and see our fishie friends.!

Wilco was teaching Jade and Christopher their Scuba Diver Course and Tori and Cam their Open Water Course.  Lance has just completed his instructors course, congratulations Lance, and is out with Wilco to learn more as part of the Master Scuba Diver Trainer Course.


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