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Say “NO!” to plastic …T-shirts…

The range of Master Divers t-shirts have grown steadily, from the revised retro take on the Sex Pistols….

….to the extremely popular Star Wars revision and quite apt JEDI Master Divers.

Followed by a re-incarnation of the ‘Trident – Done it’ design with the wreck amendment added – as she now resides underwater !

  We also created a series of t-shirts so you can proudly display your Deep Diver or Nitrox or Wreck Diver status too.

 Our latest addition….follows our environmental policy…. and turns every wearer into a mobile message board designed to educate visitors to Koh Tao on how they can minimize their contribution to plastic waste.  Previously we have published a list of 10 ways that visitors and residents can make a difference to this growing global problem  .  This t-shirt keeps it simple, offering three simple things that EVERYONE can do and will really make a difference.

  1. Say No To Plastic Bags …. Carry a reusable…
  2. Say No To Plastic Straws ….Refuse them when you order your drink…
  3. Say No To Plastic Bottles….Refill and reuse – find out where there are refill stations ….

In keeping with our policy we always try to buy non plastic items and always ensure that packaging and the amount of plastic is a factor in any purchase that we make.  We always discuss return and re-cylcing with suppliers too.  Out t-shirt supplier no longer individually wraps each t-shirt in plastic.  Its taken a few orders to ensure this has happened but now it is happening and they have even agreed to take back the bags from the previously wrapped t-s…

We are in the process of producing re-usable bags with the same design too, so stand by for that….


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