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2012 Plastic Bag Free Olympics.

As you may’ve noticed, at Master Divers, we HATE single use plastic and do our best to personally limit our own contribution to the growing global problem.  In respect to the dive centre we have some quite specific policies that ensure that the business and its guests do not contribute either.  You might’ve noticed our recent t-shirt that was aimed at educating ……We have suggested ways that both visitors and residents can change their habits too and even made a video about it too….

So, when we came across the campaign to lobby for a plastic bag free Olympics, we thought that this was something we could really get behind.

I signed the petition on the 8th of Dec and was the 2523 rd signature …  the campaign started on the 5th of November.

Please help by adding you voice to this worthy campaign .


Once you have completed the petition, please help further by hitting the LIKE button below to share it with your Facebook friends.


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