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Freedom Beach Clean Up on the 7th Dec’11

Returning back from our holiday over monsoon is always a little mixed.  We’re all refreshed, ready to go and eager to get the dive center open but the wind change usually brings brings with it the plastic crap that is floating around the worlds oceans.Koh Tao’s more southern beaches certainly needed some immediate attention and Freedom Beach was selected for this afternoons clean-up. Clean-ups see dive centres actively working together and Mark, Jason, Tori and Cam from Master Divers joined with helping hands from New Heaven,  Crystal Dive Resort, Bans and Big Blue.As you can see, many hands make light work and the guys did a sterling job cleaning the beach to make sure that the rubbish didnt get taken back out and add to the worlds growing plastic soup.Koh Tao has an active conservation group who organize regular clean ups and most dive centres, like us, keep their own beach front clean too.  We took on responsibility for looking after Laem Thian Bay too, which has been abandoned and we made sure it was clean before the November high water came.
If you are coming to Koh Tao and weather you are a diver or not, if you have some time to get involved, then get intouch !
Photographs from Marine Conservation Koh Tao.


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