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Japanese Gardens on the 3rd Jan’12

Over recent excursions the weather has been changeable, but as long as it’s safe how can this possibly stop a good days diving. Today was no different. We set off toward Japanese Gardens overlooked by some very scenic cloud formations in the sky.

Liam and Brenda were completing their Open Water certification, and Roshni and Sid working to finish their Scuba Diver award so the boat had an electric energy.

Preparations were made, kit was set up, briefings were given and it was time to get wet. Just as the heavens opened we were in, the rain always looks a little special watched from underneath, as it strikes the surface and always makes for some great photos.

For the first dive I headed north after some skills with Liam and Brenda and we were treated to some great conditions along with good viz, as we headed towards the deeper points it felt as if we were surrounded by an eerie nearly blue silence which gave the dive a great ambiance.

It seemed like the reduced dive traffic had caused a significant impact as there was a lot to see. We bumped into groupers of all shapes and sizes, a sneaky blue spotted ray snuggling under some of the coral,a wide eyed Starry Puffer bumbling around trying to find a comfy spot.

Brenda and Liam took the time to really enjoy this experience together with lots of hand holding, eventually surfacing with big grins on their faces which told an accurate story, it was a great dive, and we seemed to have this huge coral garden all to ourselves.After the surface interval it was time to take part in another couples adventure as we jumped from the boat with Roshni and Sid and it was a pleasure to be out with these two. We headed into the shallows to complete some skills and they both looked completely relaxed.

It takes time to get a hang of the buoyancy side of diving, and they both seemed to be enjoying having got it.We wandered through the big coral formations and checked out each little crack and overhang and were again treated to some cool fishy critters. Again lots of playing with the sense of flying that diving gives and I must say both Roshni and Sid were battling for the camera spotlight.

In fact upon surfacing Roshni said to me “you know I felt much more at home with the camera facing me” side effects of being an actress perhaps. But we managed to get some great shots together, and she is even contemplating adding a spot of underwater modeling to her repertoire.Congratulations to both couples for a great day had. Certifications handed over and photo souvenirs bought we wish you all the best in your diving futures, it was as always a pleasure to have you on board.Today’s dive report and images were prepared by Phill.



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