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Red Rock and Japanese Gardens on the 4th Jan’12

Making a Discover Scuba Dive is definitely a great way to get stuck in and give the world of underwater exploration a try, particularly if you are really short on time.This was the case for Cara, Adam, Andrea and Nathan, who were sure there was no way being on Koh Tao they would miss out on the treats of the sea. All were a little nervous but more excited as they jumped aboard our boat heading for the Japanese Gardens.First stop for these guys was the shallows of Japanese Gardens which provides an excellent starting point and we regularly venture onto it’s shallow sandy patches to complete the skills involved in a Discover Dive, or the Open Water course. The fact it’s shallow doesn’t stop the fish popping by to say hello either, as the Sargeant Majors, Moon Wrasse and Cleaner Wrasse all come to grade you on your skill performance too. Working through the first steps gives a great opportunity to get comfortable with the equipment and the things you need to remember to ensure a safe and fun dive. Each of the guys today did an amazing job especially as it was the first time underwater in SCUBA so with a round of high fives, we were off for a dive back to the boat. Each of Discover Scuba Divers seemed to be natural water babies as they all got the hang of the buoyancy no problems. We carried on bumping into the bays residents of Butterfly fish, Banner fish and Groupers all eager to great the team. Everyone came up with big smiles and woops of “that was amazing!” Great Job guys. It’s always a pleasure in my job to go out photographing and I felt completely charged after the first dive. I had another great opportunity lined up to photograph Wilco’s team of Open Water divers for the second dive. The course was being assisted by Lance who is completing his MSDT  and there was a definite sense of camaraderie between the guys. I knew this was going to be a good dive. The visibility was a down a little in Japanese Gardens, but  it adds an eerie and moody feel and its also great for experience early on in the diving career as well. Wilco was leading at the front and we headed North along the coast and across Japanese Gardens. This remarkably large coral field is full of overhanging table corals, staghorns and mushroom coral beds.  Its a great place to search out all the minature critters and to find the ambush predators like Groupers and Scorpion fish. The boys did an excellent job with the skills required at the beginning of the dive and their buoyancy abilities were brilliant.  Each of them were cruising along the reef in perfect unison. This was the second dive of their Open Water dives, tomorrow they will finish the course, each one a converted surface dweller! Big congratulations to them all.

This dive report was compiled by Phill !

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