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Green Rock and Japanese Gardens on the 5th Jan’12

Descending down the line you are surrounded by schools of Fusilier and Rabbit fish.  Deeper you venture and the magnificent shadows of the rock formations and pinnacles appear, your instructor turns and signals to let go of the line, you do, and you drift…Welcome to Green Rock.The team of Open Water Divers  all jumped in with big smiles and although met by a small surface current were eager to get to the line and get to exploring Green Rock. One of my absolute favorite dive sites around Koh Tao, with its cathedral chamber like swim throughs and an abundance of the “unusual” suspects when it comes to Marine Life.  The conditions are improving day by day but there was a distinctively green’ness to Green Rock and the pinnacle really stood out through the underwater mist and shadows.  It was a fairy tale of a first dive. 

The guys completing their course were treated to an array of different nudibranchs and wart slugs, in all shapes and sizes.  Whilst constantly being stalked by Angelfish, Bannerfish and Butterflyfish.  The south side of the pinnacle is little shallower and more protected and we had this section of the dive site all to ourselves.  Likewise this side of the pinnacle lends itself to a very gradual ascent with lots of ledges and overhangs to explore from your deepest level, and as we entered the safety stop at 5 metres we could hang out and study the top of the main pinnacle for what seemed too short a 3 minute interval.  With dive 3 of the open water completed the boys were keen to get back to the boat and discuss the adventure. Next we were off to Japenese Gardens.  which is a photographers dream dive site.  A huge coral garden with lots of light and variety of the local corals to explore.  A good macro spotting site, and today was no different.  I was diving this second dive with Filip who was completing his Open Water course 1 on 1 with his instructor.  Filip turned out to be an absolute natural diver and took it all in his stride .
We bumped into several of the large and beautiful Crown Jellies in the area at the moment, which gave Filip a great opportunity to study (and pose with) a not so common species.  Filip was a great example of just what 1 on 1 coaching can do, and he is going on to do his advanced course with us.  After this dive the other team of Open Water Divers had completed the course as well, so there was a great reason to celebrate on the boat on the way home.  A big round of applause and even our captain gave a clap as we came off the boat to head back to shore.  Congratulations to everyone for their great achievements.This dive report was compiled by Phill.

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