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Hin Pee Wee and White Rock on the 6th Jan’12

One of my most favorite assignments.  A chance to spend an entire afternoon with one group of divers over 2 dives.  A great opportunity to tell their story, and their adventure.  This was the task at hand for me today as I was going to be photographing Ben and Josh completing their Open Water and Haydon, their friend, making some fun dives. Freedivers and surfers by nature these boys were all finding things a little too easy, so it was time to see how they handled the challenge of being on camera.On our first dive at Hin Pee Wee I was really looking forward to capturing the silhouettes and landscapes that this deeper
and somewhat majestic dive site has to offer. With 2 main pinnacles (1 reminiscent of the leaning tower of Piza), I was staying a little deeper than the boys to be able to capture them against the rocks.  You could see in all their eyes the enjoyment they got from finding the small hidden critters, and flying with the fish. As each of them back home in New Zealand were very competent freedivers, we were only too happy to see them now able to dive with the assistance of individual life support systems. Along with this day being all about the boys we were also treated to a multitude of migrating Crown Jellies, and there were plenty of opportunities for posing (again) next to these magnificent creatures of the sea.  White Rock had it’s fair share, and I wanted to make sure I got a “keeper” for each of the boys with a Jelly-dude.

White Rock has a real abundance of life, and again the lads were off, exploring to their hearts content as this was to be a fun dive having completed all 4 dives of the Open Water.We even got the chance to witness a pretty eaten Jelly bouncing it’s last few bounces on the bottom and being picked clean by a couple of Scribbled Filefish.  Certainly something you don’t see everyday.  Another brilliant dive had and upon surfacing the guys were thrilled with their day, not only had they just completed their first diving course with the Open Water but they had had the chance to fun dive together as a crew, all in one day, and all in a days work for us, giving this ace group of lads the chance to experience the best Koh Tao has to offer. We of course congratulate you all on your achievements and look forward to hearing the stories of diving back at home.


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2 Comments on Hin Pee Wee and White Rock on the 6th Jan’12

  1. commented by Hayden Findlay on 12 January 2012

    Thanks Heaps Master Divers and all thier crew for showing the Boys and me a mint time when we were on Koh Tao the best diving ever!!!
    And be afraid because we will be back!!!!!!!

    1. commented by Ayesha Cantrell on 12 January 2012

      Excellent – we look forward to it !

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