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Laem Thian and Tanote Bay on the 7th Jan’12

“Rob’s a model” Says Jack, “Yeah a hand model” Says Graham, quick witted as always and typically followed by a round of laughter that can only be recognised by a group of cheeky but brilliant boys.

I definitely was going to have my work cut out for me today.  Jack (a current DMT) had recently brought an entourage of his mates from home in to the shop to complete their Open Water certifications.  They had a few troubles at first, staying awake during the theory lessons, but after they realised what it was going to take to complete the course they soon shaped up, and in my honest opinion each one of them pulled through as a great Open Water diver.My chance to photograph them came at Laem Thien bay.  They were confident, each of them fit enough for the challenge, and eager to hang out with our fishy friends.  As often happens with new divers they were captivated by “the shiny blue ones” or “the big yellow ones”  – their apt description of the fish and overall everyone was loving the dive.For me I wanted to try and capture the sense of what it is like to dive with a group of friends, for all of a sudden the jokes had to stop and brains were working on all the important things to remember, but still the sense of camaraderie was high.  You could see in their eyes just how much fun they were having waving at the Christmas Tree worms and reveling in the weightlessness of the underwater world.  Laem Thien lends itself perfectly to the Open Water Course, regularly clear and colourful and with a lot to see, it’s the perfect introduction. Like I said the boys did great, each one of them mastered the skills and techniques which are the basis of a confident and skilled diver and we hope they carry on exploring.  Indeed they were already talking about how this was going to change the focus of their group holidays from here.
















My second dive of the day had a slightly different ambiance.  I was diving with Remy and Jannie, 2 individuals completing their Open Water courses with another Instructor. We headed to Tanote Bay which has great sandy patches, prime environments for Sole, Garden Eels and other cool critters, and an easy transition onto a colourful wall reef.  Remy and Jannie were having a great time practicing hovering and various buoyancy skills and seemed very confident in their Underwater Navigation exercises as well.






















For me I had lots of opportunity of capturing cool silhouettes for them, but the star of the show I found was a Whip Coral Shrimp.  You really have to pay attention to find these guys, and with plenty of natural light I was able to capture some pretty cool shots.

Considering Jannie did say she didn’t really like posing for photographs she looked very relaxed underwater with the camera, and I am pretty certain I saw her smile on more than one occasion.  As she and Remy posed for their team shot, I could see they had both enjoyed the dive.  Again a big congratulations to them for completing the course.  We wish you all, all the best in your dives to come.

 This dive report was compiled by Phill.




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