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Laem Thian and Aow Leuk on the 10th Jan’12

Today we headed around to lovely Laem Thian which was perfect for Paolo and Priscilla to make their first dive ever with the Discover Scuba Diver program.

They looked like they really enjoyed it and took to it really well and the conditions were great.  We’d headed around to the east side in the hope of clearer water and calmer seas and that’s exactly what we got.

















For our second dive we headed around to Aow Leuk where once again we  were hoping for clearer water.  The bay is shallow so there always seems to be lots of light and you are often treated to the sparkly blue offset by the shiny yellow sand.




















 Wilco was completing Mohits Open Water course and he certainly looked to be having fun too. Mohit had taken advantage or PADIs elearning so when he got here he could enjoy the water without the classroom !






Aow Leuk didn’t disappoint either – so all in all a very good day !


















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