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Tao Thong on the 14th Jan’12

This morning was calm and serene but rainy yet as we dropped the mooring to leave for Japanese Gardens the wind whipped up which sent us around to Tao Thong.  This sheltered bay offered calm water which was needed for the afternoons activities; Julian was practicing skills for the Open Water Course and Guy was refreshing his with a Scuba Review.









Ankit, who had just completed his Nitrox Course was out with Jurgen for some fun dives, while Will and Eleysha were making the first dives of their Open Water Course.


Tao Thong was clear and calm and it was a great spot to hide from the wind….this should be the last of the wind and rain now ….the forecast looks great for the week ahead and we have trips planned to Chumphon and Southwest too…nice.

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2 Comments on Tao Thong on the 14th Jan’12

  1. commented by Tony on 15 January 2012

    Good to hear the weather forcast. Did I order calm, bright and cool for my course?

    1. commented by Ayesha Cantrell on 15 January 2012

      Yes – and whalesharks too I believe ! I have put the order in, made the right phone calls so lets see !

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