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New Team Member….Welcome Greedy…..

Come to Master Divers and you’ll no doubt notice that we hate plastic, love diving and believe that out dive centre pets are truly part of the team.  In fact if you read our teams webs page carefully, you will see who is really in charge! (Its the four-paw brigade!)

Grumble has certainly always ruled the roost but we noticed recently that she seemed to be a bit lonely.  She lost her brother last year and has been frequenting the shop across the road who also has a number of cats.

Charlotte and Rachael thought a playmate might make her happy.  So a quick consultation with the vet proved that not only were there kittens needing homes but that she thought Grumble would take to the idea well.  Hmmmm.


For those of you who haven’t met Grumble, just consider why she might have earnt her name.  She wasn’t so happy at first,  she’s gone through the jealous outrage stage and has moved onto the superior snubbing stage, as only cats can.  Charlotte has done a sterling job of mediation and things are calming to the odd daily hiss.

I’m not sure any explanation is really need as to why a cat called Greedy might’ve got her name.  Like all kittens though, she’s into everything, skittering around the dive centre, wandering across keyboards, changing settings and deleting as she goes and generally entertaining us and herself with everything from the smallest bit of fluff to long skirts and of course – cardboard boxes and paper.



Once she has exhausted herself, she will fall asleep in many random places but her favorite spots all seem to be by computers.  Shes often curls up around my hard drive and you can see her in Elaine’s draw and by the guest computer too.  Her duties at the moment seem to revolve around eating but we are sure she will soon develop a skill to rival Grumbles Sofa Predictions.


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