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Twins and Japanese Gardens on the 25th Jan 2012

Like a fine morning coffee, today had a good blend of entry level courses on board the morning boat.

We were off to Twins and Japanese Gardens, both are lovely for me (as the photographer today) as both sites offer shallow reef diving at it’s best.  Today was even better due to both the beautiful visibility and that morning calm that echoes around Nang Yuan;  unspoilt by other boats who have headed out to deeper further away sites in the morning.  Running the opposite schedule to everyone else is so worth it as – morning or afternoon – it means that the dive sites were ours.

First up in front of the lens were Richard and Sally, a couple completing their Scuba Diver certifications.  Due to lack of time these guys had opted for the shorter course (like a half Open Water), but living in Hong Kong they were hoping to be back soon to finish off the skills and dives to complete the full Open Water course.

Sally was a little nervous, more a land baby than a water baby, but with the cool patient hand of their instructor  they were off.  Richard certainly felt confident and comfortable through the course.  The dive was brilliant we saw all sorts from Scorpionfish to Baby Angel Fish and even got the chance to admire the Titan Triggerfish rolling big boulders around the sand much to the divers delight. 

With the amazing underwater world captivating Sally she quickly mastered the buoyancy.  Afterwards she was full of smiles and as her and Richard departed for the afternoon ferry back to the mainland she called out “we will definitely be back.”

Back to the diving, the second dive I was heading down with Joanne, Brian and Ashley, all eager to complete their Open Water course.  This was their first diving  day and after the successes of confined the day before these guys felt pretty natural.  Lynn, one of our new MSDT’s were along on the course too, learning more about teaching and getting some valuable experience.   Much to everyones excitement we were treated to a show of silver as the Yellowtail Barracuda and Silver Bullets danced together, not sure they were dancing but it looked like fun, and Brian thought he looked pretty good imitating them.  In fact I think Ryan thought he looked pretty good all round, as there was an awful lot of camera posing taking place.

Our instructor had her keen eyes on this morning though as she was first to spot the Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips that was bouncing around a small rock/coral formation near one of the walls.  Nice Spot!  We sat hovering midwater watching in awe at this small spotty fish wobble all it’s fins.

Resurfacing after the dive everyone was excited to see the pictures I had taken, I had to say “they’re not ready” about a hundred times on the trip back to the dive centre.  Well they always look a lot smarter up on the big screen don’t they?

Enjoy the photos and stay posted.  The conditions are getting better and better by the day.

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