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HTMS Sattakut and White Rock on the 1st Feb 2012

Today was going to be fun – not only was I going diving, but a friend of mine and Wilcos – who we met in the Maldives was over to visit us. I was out to guide Abbie and one of our instructors friends who was also over to visit too!However thats not quite how the afternoon worked out.  Poor Phill was stricken with bad ears and had to pass the cameras to me and suddenly I was out to photo instead!

We certainly had a wide range of divers out today, Richard was completing his CCR course… and we had two groups of divers enjoying their first deep wreck dive on their Advanced Course as well as a couple completing their Open Water course on Hin Pee Wee and White Rock too.  The visibility on the HTMS Sattakut was really quite bad, so bad that my camera wouldn’t focus, so it was lovely to get to White Rock and far better conditions.Kelly and Richard too the option of private tuition and ensure that it was just the two of them with their instructor – we only ever teach with a maximum group size of four but some divers prefer a smaller group still. – and we are happy to offer this ….Toni took one of our cameras out too and was learning about underwater photography as part of her Advanced Course….We saw some great fishie sights too, Bat Fish and Groupers and I even got my trigger fish mojo back and took a great trigger snap too – you can see more photos from the day below too….

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