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Twins and White Rock on the 4th Feb’12

Finally back in the water….Phew.  Have been unable to dive for a few days due to an ear infection and believe me it hurts, not the ear but being out of the water.  Definitely not worth pushing however, it’s the same with anything and diving really, and one reason we always encourage people to complete our medical form before arrival.  Never risk it, is our motto.

So a really great way to get back in, starting with my 2 favourite dive sites.  First stop Twins and Wilco said there might be a little surprise for me there, even better.   I was going to be diving with him and his team, Ben and Tijes were completing their Open Water and we had a Master Scuba Diver Trainee and Divemaster Trainee for support  – not a bad way to start your diving career having 3 professionals with you.  We jumped in and the water was looking great, even P’Dong our captain came out to have a look, “Good Water” was his only comment.  A man of few words.

We descended close to the line on the middle pinnacle, reaching a depth of around 17m and as always the pinnacles at Twins pulsate with all sorts of life.  We went over to the deepest part of the dive site, a great way for the guys to experience 18m (their maximum allowed depth with the Open Water), and on the way back Wilco found a large Warty Sea Slug, nice spot!  As we rounded the corner, we slammed, straight into a wall of silver – right there in front of us a huge mass of Chevron Barracuda gliding together just one after another.  There must of been hundreds and I went under and through to shoot back at the group but the wall just seemed to go on forever.  Hundreds and Hundreds.  A real National Geographic moment as we say.

The boys did great, really streamlined, confident and completed their skills with ease.  They were pretty natural at this diving thing.  After the dive it was great to talk about what we had seen including the Scorpionfish and Nudibranch on the shallow pinnacle.  A really great dive and a great way to complete the course.

The second dive was going to be with Alex and Sebastian as they were completing their Advanced Course.  Alex had chosen to do an Adventure Dive in Underwater Photography (a guy after my own heart), and Sebastian was going to try his hand at Fish Identification.  A good combination together, and both looked really confident as we cruised around the Northern end of White Rock.  Before jumping in “Turtle” was yelled from across the dive site, we could see a little head before it dipped back under the water.  The boys were definitely excited and the search was on.  We spent the dive looking in all the cracks and under all the ledges but could not find him.  Then just towards the end of the dive  there he was.  Just chilling.  I snapped a shot, thanked him, then went back to find the Instructor.  Showed her the picture and we all headed back to the area.  I returned to where I left him, but nothing…..Hmmm.  Then I heard the rattle and turned to find the team and turtle just staring at me as if saying “what is this idiot doing?”  The guys were already acquainting themselves with the turtle and we enjoyed the end of the dive in his company before heading back to the boat.

A brilliant dive had.  In fact a brilliant day back.  Big congratulations to all the guys for completing their courses, and it was a pleasure to have them dive with us.  Another successful couple of dive trips.


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