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Green Rock and Twins on the 8th Feb’12

Today was a real day of adventure. Green Rock and Twins were the locations of today’s explorations, brimming with life and colour; these dive sites  are a great places to play. There were two Open Water courses finishing today and I was going to have the new member of the Master Divers Photography team shadowing me, to see how we do things. I, all of a sudden, felt a lot more responsible…. For the first dive I was going to be completing Dive 3 of the Open Water course with Kerstin and her boyfriend Mario. These guys had been doing exceptionally well throughout the course and were very natural in the water. Perhaps more natural in the water than out of it regarding the misplacement of someone’s fin upon entry (Kerstin ;)). Green Rock was experiencing an increase in current on the surface, so we laid in a line to help everyone pull themselves to the buoy line. However with some sensible route selection we were soon out of the current on the coastline near the pinnacle and were able to find a nice patch of sand to complete the required skills. The Green Rock coast is as beautiful as the main pinnacle, and perhaps moreso today with the surrounding current, as there was hardly any sediment in the water. Loads of different corals and reef fish to hang out with and the guys nailed the skills quickly and perfectly, allowing us plenty more time to check out the environment. Brightly coloured Angelfish, Bannerfish and Triggerfish were flying by in the current and big packs of Yellowtail Barracuda and Fusilier were seemingly pointing into the wind.After the dive everyone was pretty wide eyed. We had been finning and flying with the currents and definitely been treated to a show from the wildlife. It was an excellent first dive, and I really appreciated being able to share it with the Open Water team.

On to Twins and we arrived just as the other boats were pulling off to their second dive sites (really got to love our timing). Just a peek over the side and everyone did have to gasp a little the conditions were outstanding. Seriously clear doesn’t come close, I swear you could of even seen the gobies in their burrows from the side of the boat. I was going to let the new photographer go and shoot his own team for this dive and was very confident that he would come back with some cracking shots.

I was going to be diving with a bit of a Master Divers celebrity for this dive and was excited myself to get the chance to document his final dive of the Open Water course. Tony had been keeping us chuckling even before he arrived on the island with his blogs about coming to learn to dive. With a very satirical sense of humour and a great amount of descriptive wizardry he continued to make light of the situations he found himself. Although taking the seriousness of safe diving, very serious. In at Twins and the conditions below were an accurate reflection of the conditions expected from the surface, we headed to Buoyancy World 2:0, first to check out some of the new sculptures and to “hug a concrete shark”, and then it was on to the reef. Again Twins is one of those dive sites that is quite simply “alive”, fish pulsating from every rock and ledge, beautiful hard and soft corals, and lots of hidden critters like Scorpionfish and Stingrays.

Tony did a great job and looked very confident underwater he was a real “explorer” when it came to enjoying the environment below, and we had a nice steady pace the whole way round. Tony was supposed to have finished the course with daughter Yasmin, however the first dive of the day had left her with a little sinus trouble , so she sensibly stayed out of this one, as we can always complete it later. Coming up from this second dive Tony knew that he had finally achieved a dream, he was pretty much a certified diver. What a fantastic achievement indeed, and we were all really proud of him, he loved the photos too, and has even made a short “Animoto” on his Facebook for us to check out… Thanks and congratulations to all the guys who were certified today, great achievements and we are stoked that you had a good time diving with us.


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2 Comments on Green Rock and Twins on the 8th Feb’12

  1. commented by Tony on 12 February 2012

    Hey guys, thank you SO MUCH. I had a great time, and Phil’s photos really capture the experience for me. I will write up a trip advisor review, but just wanted to say how well I feel the whole team worked to make this a great experience for us both.

    1. commented by Ayesha Cantrell on 13 February 2012

      Thank-you Tony ! You were a pleasure to have in the dive centre and we really hope that we see you again ! (Bring the current Mrs Simms with you next time !)

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