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White Rock and Junkyard 9th Feb’12

White Rock and Junkyard were the sites for todays diving. There was an excited atmosphere around the shop while we waited to depart from the beach as it looked like the conditions were going to be  great.

I would be out photographing Veronika on the last day of her Open Water course, who would be joined on the boat by her boyfriend Gereon. He was starting the first day of his Rescue Diver course so there was sure to be plenty of laughter and oscar winning performances on the boat while they practiced their rescue scenarios.

Heading out to White Rock, the conditions where beautiful, with calm seas and bright blue skies. We geared up and jumped in for what was going to be a lovely dive. After a few skills on the sand we moved over onto the reef to cruise around between the fish and coral. There was plenty to see including Barracuda, Triggerfish, and Blue Spotted Rays as well as an array of other critters.

After a nice relaxed surface interval in the sun we jumped in for our second dive at Junkyard. Veronika and her instructor completed the last skills of the course and we were once again free to explore. We spent the remainder of the dive swimming between all the ‘junk’ that forms this artificial reef, with sightings such as a toilet, gym machines and a car. As always at junkyard there were plenty of creatures to see from the weird looking Filefish to the big school of resident Batfish.

It was yet another fantastic day of diving on Koh Tao, with another happy customer eager to go out diving as a newly certified Open Water diver.

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