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Mango Bay 10th Feb’12

Another beautiful day on Koh Tao, the sun was out and the sea was flat. After loading the boat with our equipment we made our way out to Mango Bay where we moored up for the afternoon of diving.

During the first dive I jumped into the water and followed Cynthia and her instructor during her Discover Scuba Diving experience. They had already practiced their skills earlier in the day so we were free to get on with exploring the reef. We didn’t even have to reach the coral when we had our first sighting of the day. Out on the sand we came across a large pregnant male seahorse, and maybe feeling a bit camera shy he soon retreated along the sand and out of view.

The rest of the dive was beautiful with plenty of reef life around the dive site to admire. Cynthia surprised us all with her perfect buoyancy, looking more like a seasoned professional than a Discover Scuba Diver.

After a relaxing surface interval in the sunshine I hopped back in the water with another group, this time Gunter and Wenqing. They had completed their Scuba Review on the first dive and were back out on a fun dive, with all the skills and knowledge refreshed in their minds.

Once again I tracked down the same pregnant seahorse in roughly the same area. What happened next amazed me. The seahorse left the seabed and started swimming straight up towards the surface. It was something I had never witnessed before and something our resident Photographer and Divemaster Phill had seen and photographed just a few weeks before. With his story ringing in my ears all I could think about was the photo he came back with of the seahorse seemingly swimming straight into the sun above him. With this in mind I slowly ascended with him a little way, waiting patiently for the perfect time to take the photo. My patience paid off and a few meters from the surface he turned side on to the camera for a lovely silhouette against the blue background.

I caught up with the group and continued the dive with them. Unfortunately the visibility had closed in a little so conditions were not ideal but everyone enjoyed the dive and came back feeling like they had been on a mini adventure at Mango Bay.



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