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Master Divers is moving ……..

We always knew the date was approaching …. but it always seems to come around faster than you expect… doesn’t it ?We had been discussing our options for a while and after a few false starts a perfect plan was borne… .. and we actually got everything that we wanted !  Beachfront, close enough to where we already are and a whole lot more room too !  Above you can see the beach front area.  This plot of land is between Dolphin Lounge and Tattoo Bar.




This is the same bit of land – but looking the other way – this is where we plan to have the kit room, maintenance room (Wilcos office),  compressor and tank storage too.  There will be rinse tanks and showers and seating areas for divers waiting for their longtail transfer or for dive briefings and logging dives….essentially this will be the ‘wet area’.








There will be a bedroom for some of our staff and a terrace chill area too.  This will be where Wilco gets his wish for a firemans pole leading from the chillout terrace to the beach.




Imagine what the view will be like …


Great sunsets……….











Our main building, reception, classrooms and offices will be over the road – not quite opposite the beach area – but almost – infact directly opposite Tattoo Bar and next to Save shop and bungalow reception….

You need to use your imagination a bit – but its going to be wicked  – stay tuned for more – we’ll keep you updated as the work progresses !

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