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Everything you needed to know about becoming a Dive Master.

If you are reading this you are probably a diver or at least contemplating being one ….and if you are already one then you’ll appreciate the all consuming addiction that takes hold of the majority of people soon after their first immersion….

(If you are yet to dive – then “Buyer Beware” – this could just change your life! )



If you took your course in some tropical location like Koh Tao or regularly take dive holidays in stunning locations then you might have been ceased by ‘the envy‘ too.  You’ll recognize this as the maybe-not-so-fleeting thought that you would like to have the life of your dive guide or instructor….

Why not ?  All of us here had the same thought and that’s how we ended up exactly where we are now, so don’t sit there half listening to our dive briefings while wishing you were doing it too…do it !



Simply said I know, and there is a lot to consider…. with this in mind, Phill, our full time Dive Master wrote all about his experience throughout his Dive Master Course all the way through to working as one ……..



We serialized his experience over the course of 6 individual blogs which covered…


If you choose to take the leap – you wont be alone either – and you’ll make friends for life too !
















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