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Red Rock and Twins 13th Feb’12

There was a great atmosphere around the shop while everyone packed their bags ready to get on the boat. The great weather we had been having all week continued and we once again found ourselves looking out over perfectly flat seas.


I would be following 2 groups today. The first dive would be with Wilco and his 4 Open Water students Lachlan, Phillip, Tobias and Matt during the last 2 dives of the course. The second would be with Kaziu, also on the last day of his Open Water Diver Course. We were set to dive at Green Rock on the first dive, however our trusty boat captain informed us of strong currents. We made the switch to another dive site just around the corner called Red Rock.

It was a great dive even with the visibility not at its best, and we were even treated to the rare sight of a sea snake, squeezing its way through gaps in the reef. We did a lap around Red Rock pinnacle itself before cutting across onto the coastline to the huge coral formations you can find there.


After a nice long surface interval, Kaziu, his instructor and I jumped in, this time at Twins. It was the last dive before being signed off as an Open Water diver and you could see the grin on his face even through his mask and regulator. After completing the remaining skills, we spent the remainder of the dive exploring what the two coral pinnacles at Twins have to offer.


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